the archives

photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann

with Robert Desrosier, Claudia Moore and David Wood

photo: Roger Henriques

silkscreen 1973

The Echo Below 1996 with composer Mark Duggan

photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann with dancer Rodolfo Rivas

photo: Roger Henriques

the RHYMPROVcollective photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann

photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann

theRHYMPROVcollective at fFIDA 1999

photo: Roger Henriques

Samson at 2480 Dundas West with Ian McKay's paintings

photo: Ralph Brodie

CLASPS (1988) with dancers Lisa Silverstein and Susan McNaughton

Costume Design for Julia Wyncoll


silkscreen 1974

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