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circa early 1990.jpg
four of us.jpg

photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann

with Robert Desrosier, Claudia Moore and David Wood

photo: Roger Henriques

my blue dancing feet.jpg

silkscreen 1973

The Echo Below (1996) with composer Mark Duggan

Scan_20210212 (5).jpg

photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann with dancer Rodolfo Rivas

Scan_20210212 (13).jpg

photo: Roger Henriques

fFida 1999 the RHYMPROVcollective.jpg

the RHYMPROVcollective photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann

Scan_20210212 (9).jpg

photo: Cylla Von Tiedmann

theRHYMPROVcollective at fFIDA (1999)

Scan_20210212 (11).jpg

photo: Roger Henriques

Scan_20210212 (2).jpg

photo: Ralph Brodie

CLASPS (1988) with dancers Lisa Silverstein and Susan McNaughton


Costume Design for Julia Wyncoll

screen elephant.jpg

silkscreen 1974

The Impossibility of Flight (1991) choreographed by Ian Mckay, and performed with JoAnna Powell

Scan_20210303 (5).jpg


Sail Across the Water a music video by Jane Siberry (1993)

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