Selfportrayals: In The Window   Creator/Performer/Filmmaker   Northern Manhattan Art Alliance Virtual Arts Exhibition

The Intern (feature)   Supporting   Warner Bros.  Nancy Meyers director

Ajar (indie short)   Featured   Direct Pictures   John Bush director

Celebrity Ghost Stories (tv series)   Supporting   Biography Channel   Seth Jarrett director

Spare Change (indie short)   "Marline Dice"   It's Personal Films   Suzette Azariah Gunn director

My Kind Of Girl (music video)   Supporting   Keziah Jones & 751TV   Nathalie Canquilhem director

Sail Across The Water (music video)   Featured   SiB Films   Jane Siberry music artist

Temple (music video)   Supporting   SiB Films   Jane Siberry music artist



Commercials:   Shingrix, Ernst & Young, NYU Langone Medical Center, Merck Shingle Awareness, Target, Medicare,  Revlon, My Choice Rx, Bed, Bath & Beyond, NAADAM, Matrix So Silver

V.O:   NJ Lottery, Canadian Blood Services, Indeed



Hernando's Hideaway   Performing Artist   Live Jazz at Invisible Man: Memorial to Ralph Ellison parkette, West Harlem, NY

M.A.D.E. In The Garden   Creative Producer/Dance Artist   Live performance in Hope Garden, West Harlem, NY

Eterna   Choreographer/Dance Artist   Live performance in Hope Garden, West Harlem, NY      

Across the Water, Through the Earth   Choreographer/Dance Artist  Bare Bones (ADG)   Tenri Cultural Institute, NY

Existing: Forces 02   Dancer   American Dance Guild production   Ailey Citigroup Theater, NY   Gloria McLean choreographer

Pop The 4th Wall   Creator/ Performer   Site-specific series   West Harlem, NY

I Am Light    Choreographer/Dance Artist   Harlem Summer Bricolage   National Black Theatre, NY   Marcia Berry director   

Grace Drums   Performing Artist/Collaborator/Costume Designer   Gabriella Dennery artistic director 

The Firebird   Choreographer/Dance Artist   Bermuda Music & Dramatic Society   Carol Birch director

Ali Baba And The 14 Thieves   Choreographer/Dance Artist   Bermuda Music & Dramatic Society   Carol Birch director

The Tempest   "Sprite"   Waterspout Theatre (Bermuda)   Andrew Bacon director

Bermuda African Dance Company   Featured Performing Artist  Dawn Broadbelt artistic director

Sleeping Beauty   "Snake"   Bermuda Music & Dramatic Society   Carol Birch director

Romeo And Juliet   "Lady Capulet"   PrologueWaterspout Theatre (Bermuda)   John Zuill director

theRHYMPROVcollective (Canada)   Co-Artistic Director /Performing Artist

Exile: A Book Of Questions   Dance Artist   DanceWorks Production   Marie-Josée Chartier choreographer

Flaming Dono Drum & Dance Ensemble (Canada)   Performing Artist 

Senses   Dance Artist    Atlas Moves Watching Production (Canada)   Bill James choreographer

Figures In Stillness & Motion   Dance Artist   Chartier Danse Production (Canada)   Marie-Josée Chartier choreographer


Film & TV:   Heidi Marshall, Yasen Atour (Film Club UK)

Voice-over:   Ilyana Kadushin

Voice (singing):   Mary Bowen

Jazz Dance & Musical Theater:   Len Gibson, Luigi's Jazz Center 

Ballet:   David Howard, Len Gibson

Modern & Contemporary Dance:   Gloria Mclean, Milton Meyers, Allan & Karen Kaeja, Pam Johnson, Merce Cunningham Studio, The Ailey School, Martha Graham School, The American Center, Naropa Institute, Pavlychenko Studio,

Desrosier Dance Theatre, Dancemakers, T.I.D.E., Teachers Collective

African-Inspired Dance:   M'Bemba Bangoura, Prisca Ouya, Helen Mensah, Abraham Adzenyah, Kwasi Dunyo, Godwin Agbel, Djibril Sane, Kobla Ladzekpo, Titos Sompa, Baba Richard Gonzales, Julio Jean

Pilates, Yoga, Somatics:   Irene Dowd, PhysicalMind Institute, Bermuda Integrative Health Co-operative, Movements Afoot


EDUCATIONunior Matriculation

Junior Arts Matriculation - Alma College, Ontario, Canada 

Fine Arts Diploma (Honours) - School of Art and Design (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts), Quebec, Canada

Dance Educators Certification - University of Toronto (Ontario Institue of Studies in Education), Ontario, Canada 


Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Laidlaw Foundation, Music Africa Award


Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Teleprompter, Voice Over, Pilates & Yoga Practitioner & Instructor,

Model (artist, print &  runway), Cycling (general), Driver (automatic), Running (general), Martial Arts (novice), Badminton (novice), Pool (novice), Graphic & Fine Artist, Seamstress