Joanna powell

actor . dancer . model

about me!

I am an Artist.

I paint & draw, dance & sing, drum & act.

While at art college I took a rand●m dance impr●v workshop, and l●ved it! And so began my love affair with theatre. I knew that I wanted to be creating with other pe●ple, working within ensembles and c●mmunities. And I knew that my artistic expression was on stage - m●ving, dancing, acting, being.


I have been performing for ●ver 37 years in Canada, Bermuda, The Czech Republic, West Africa and New Y●rk City, on stage, in film and television.

A few things you might want to know about me:

I dance and chore●graph (Modern, African-inspired, Social)

● practice & taught Pilates & Yoga ● did some Tai Chi with Robert De Niro ● look good & comfortable at a pool table ● model (figure, portrait, print) ● rode a bike ● drove a car ● teleprompt experienced ● was the proprietress of a performing arts venue ● the artistic director of theRHYMPROVcollective ● own 5 wigs ● like costuming ● live in West Harlem ● love dogs ● collect elephants ● love life

"Buddhism teaches that the heart is like a skilled painter.

Both art and our lives are faithful expressions of what is in our hearts." Daisaku Ikeda


 keep IN ToUCH! 

JoAnna Powell

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