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...about me...

I am an artist for peace. I am a teller of stories. I dance & sing, act & drum, paint & draw, live & love.

Fire excites me. Water soothes me. I believe in my heart that peace, culture and art are one in the same, and the creation and sharing of Art are proof of dedication to peace in the world.

I am a native Harlemite and for over 40 years I have been a performing artist, actor, choreographer, dancer, educator, creative producer, curator, presenter, stage manager and crew.  I have worked in New York, Canada, Bermuda, The Czech Republic and West Africa. My eclectic artistic style is inspired by the world around me and rooted in community, ritual, imagery, improvisation, and music.

What I am working on:

Artistic Collaborations; The garden tour of “Eterna” my urban reimagining of Botticelli’s Primavera; The story of my mother and father based on letters written while he was incarcerated; Dance anthology inspired by female jazz and blues singers; Film/TV and Voiceover Projects; Collecting more elephants and taking more photos; Getting out to green spaces and seeing art

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